The top 4 ways to design an incredible kitchen


The popularity of open plan kitchen styles has made today’s kitchens the nerve center of the home. No longer are kitchens just a room for cooking meals. Today, they have become a place where friends and family congregate and to showcase as well.

Currently, there are numerous designs that homeowners can choose to add to the aesthetic value of your kitchen including; quartz, stone benchtops, LED lighting, embracing smaller appliances and much more.

Read on to acquaint yourself with the top 4 ways to design an incredible kitchen.

1.Stone benchtops

When remodeling a kitchen, having a stone benchtop as the kitchen centerpiece is a popular choice for homeowners. Stone benchtops are not only stunning but are amazingly durable and add to the value of a home. Among the most popularly used stones are Caesarstone and granite.

Granite is exceptionally heat-resistant and sturdy. Even though it’s widely assumed that placing hot pans and pots on granite wouldn’t cause damage, however, contractors discourage such behavior because they may create gashes or black burn marks.

Caesarstone has in recent times become increasingly popular. Caesarstone is manufactured from natural quartz. It’s non-porous and doesn’t require a sealing product, thereby making it maintenance free.

2. Use Quartz

Natural stone countertops have for some time been a mainstay. However, granite is a slowly being eclipsed by quartz. The ease of maintenance has contributed the most towards the surge in popularity for quartz.

Similar to granite and marble, quartz comes in an array of colors and patterns and with little fuss. Granite has to be sealed annually to avert staining, while quartz stands up to stains and heat with no additional care, leaving the cooking with more time to just cook.  

Alloyed countertops are an emerging design fad. When selecting the secondary color for the island cabinetry, you may choose a different countertop material to make your island stand out.

On trend choices, you may combine block and concrete or have contradicting shades of quartz.

3. Hardwood Flooring

Considered by many to be the best choice for a floor, hardwood never gets old. This vintage floor style lends warmth and natural beauty to your kitchen as every board brings out elegance achieved with craftsmanship and nature.

Hardwood floors may not be the most comfortable floors to stand on for extended periods of time, thus devoted cooks might want to put down area rugs or mats.

Hardwoods ride out stains and spills. For a seamless look, hardwoods are installed throughout the house. Also, hardwoods last for years, and you can get them looking brand new by refinishing or painting the kitchen floors.

4. LED Lighting

Gone are the fluorescent light tubes that flickered overhead. Those simple bulbs served greatly in bare-bones working kitchens. Considering the trends in kitchen designs, nothing less than impressive lighting will do.

The opening up of kitchens to the living areas has compelled designers to integrate bigger windows in the kitchen area to draw more light. Likewise, chandeliers or unique pendants over an island or peninsula are finding their way into the previously pragmatic kitchens.


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