Decorating Your First Home? Here’s Where to Start

Have you just moved into your first home? Decorating your house is an enormous task that requires a lot of investment. After moving in your new home, the first major decision to make is on making your home the most comfortable place. Furnishing your house exactly how you want requires careful planning, budget, and consultation. Outlined here are fantastic tips that will ease the process of the decoration of your home.

Set a Budget

It is essential to have a budget and figure out how much you will spend on decorating your home. In case you have limited finance, you may opt for the pick a particular room to beautify first before proceeding to the whole place. The priority room should be where you spend the most time. While shopping for required furniture and decorations, it is advisable to stick to budgeted items and avoid showroom persuasion to buy unnecessary things. Avoid purchasing everything at once.

Come up with List of Required Items

Decide what your home needs and what you want to use to decorate your house. You can check photos of other homes to guide on what will be best for your home. Collect as many images as you need and compare their color, pattern, and styles. Next, write down all items you have to choose and what you would love to decorate your home with. Remember to outline your home limitations and architecture design of house while deciding on furniture you need.

Bedroom First

Prioritize on decorating your bedroom. Invest in a quality bed and bedding. Hudson Furniture provides comfortable four poster beds which add elegance to your bedroom. Contemporary, traditional and modern styles are available. Invest wisely in the bedroom since you spend more than third of your time while at home.

Paint your Home

Painting is one of the best and the easiest way to personalize your home. Paint your walls with your favorite color. You can paint your kitchen with bold choice of colors to stand out and impact your visitors.

Take the Dimensions of your Rooms

Many people end up buying beds or sofas that don’t fit well in their rooms. Take a smart move and measure the dimensions of your rooms and the doors to ensure your furniture fit and will enter into your house. Also, take measurements of elevator openings and stairs to ease your delivery of the items.

Consult an Interior Designer

If unsure about some items, it is crucial to reach to an expert. The designer will clarify on measurements and mix of colors and help in decorating your home which will last longer.

Mix the Old and New items

Preserve some of your old items and mix them with new items. Your old furniture gives a room personality and depth. Additionally, consider buying some temporary furniture.

Making your new house a home might be a challenging task, but these guidelines will ease the process. Set a budget limit and decide on what your home needs. Prioritize on your bed and bedding, paint your home and consult a decorator. While planning to decorate your home, remember to measure dimensions of your rooms.


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