5 Tips to caring for your construction equipment

Maintaining and keeping your construction equipment in tip-top shape is a job that demands attention to detail and time. Keep in mind that construction equipment is not only expensive but is also different to care for than other tools. Some construction equipment requires specific temperature in storage whereas others require specific handling instructions in operating them and some construction equipment demands the regular application of oils and other necessary consumable items. Needless to say, if you are the custodian of your company’s construction equipment, then you definitely need to know the basics in handling and caring for different kinds of construction equipment. To help you with just that, here are 5 tips that will help you in your task.

  1. Master the basics in handling and operating the equipment

Different construction equipment have different handling methods. Thus, always make sure that you properly read the manuals every time a new equipment arrives. Even if both types of equipment have similar functions, they would still have different mechanics as different models tend to change their whole systems in order to improve their efficiency. Thus, never get too confident and read that manual before touching the equipment.

  1. Train the operators

Proper usage is very important to equipment’s maintenance. Always make sure that the operators and drivers of your construction equipment are properly trained. Before allowing them to use or operate the construction equipment at full-capacity, it is a good idea to make them run a test demo just to check if they have basics covered. This where your mastery of the equipment’s manual comes into play. If you notice some malfunctions or some mistakes by the operator or user, then quickly re-train the operator and postpone the use of the equipment until he masters everything.

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  1. Storage

As mentioned earlier, storage is very important in maintaining the condition of your construction equipment. While they are designed to withstand extreme conditions, especially on construction sites where all sorts of foreign materials can invade and potentially damage the equipment, they are surely not designed to be left alone on sites and open spaces. Always dedicate a clean and spacious space for the storage of your expensive construction equipment. Also, pay attention to specific room temperatures as some equipment require a set room temperature for their greases and oil.

  1. Regular maintenance

Last but not least, do not wait for your construction equipment to malfunction or get damaged before you actually perform a thorough inspection and maintenance. Always set a time for the maintenance and inspection of all of your construction equipment. This way, you would be able to spot and quickly fix small issues and prevent it from getting bigger and causing more repair expenses for your company.


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