5 Remodeling hacks to boost the value of your home

It is no secret that potential home buyers are on the prowl for a good deal in addition to a solid home for their family. With the cost of living increasing while wages remain the same, people are always looking for a good deal but sometimes they may have unrealistic expectations due to popular shows on HGTV. Remodeling your home doesn’t have to be expensive to be fantastic. This article will provide some inexpensive ideas to remodeling and updating your home.

  • Paint kitchen cabinets instead of replacing them. It is true that many homebuyers are looking for a gourmet or unique kitchen. The kitchen is where a lot of people spend their time in preparing meals for their family, packing lunches for a busy day, or grabbing a quick bite to eat in the breakfast nook area. If your kitchen has not be updated in decades, you may want to consider putting some time and effort into sprucing it up a bit. One of the ways that you can do this inexpensively is by painting your cabinets. Painting your cabinets will give them a new, fresh look without having to spend thousands of dollars to replace them. For an even better look, be sure to replace the knobs with an updated version.
  • Add a tile mosaic backsplash in your kitchen or bathroom. Another great way to liven up your kitchen or bathroom is by adding a colorful or neutral backsplash to the walls. This classy look is inexpensive and is a project that you can easily DIY.
  • Add a built in bookcase to a boring wall.  Storage space is a great amenity when looking for a home to purchase. While having a bookcase is fine, creating a built-in bookcase gives off a feel of uniqueness and makes the space look library-like. If you have a boring wall in a large family room or den, consider adding a floor to ceiling wall full of shelves. The new owner could use it for bookcases or to store other items that they want to showcase.
  • Paint the front door a bright, cheerful color. Look at the front of your home and examine its curb appeal. An easy way to brighten up the look of your house is by painting the front door. If your front door is currently a neutral or black color, perhaps go bold and paint it red. A bright door is seen as welcoming and can give your home a fresh look. Before you paint your front door, be sure to pick a color that goes well with the exterior color of your home or it will look odd.
  • Refinish hardwood floors. Another inexpensive way to update your home is to have your hardwood floors refinished. Doing so will make them look brand new again!

There are many things that you can do to update your space with minimal funds. For more tips on how to sell your home fast, visit https://southerncaliforniahomebuyers.com/.

5 Ways to Use a Shed for More than Just Storage

A shed is great for your home, aside from being an attractive addition to your property. Garden sheds used to be utilized exclusively for storing different gardening and landscaping tools. However, it has outgrown its traditional use and is now being utilized for a variety of reasons. This is also why many property owners who are not into gardening are buying sheds for their own specific purpose. Buying a good quality shed that is durable and has a sturdy look allows you to get additional space on your property where you can do a lot of things.

Here are some of the creative ways people are using their shed for more than just storage:

  1. Work Shop

Sheds provide a comfortable place to work for people, which is why it is an ideal workshop for a variety of projects. Women use it to do their crafts like sewing, knitting, and other creative works, while many men use it to work on their electronics, small carpentry works, and other stuff. Sheds can also be used as a workshop for painting and hobbies that require a good space and away from distractions.

  1. Music Room

If other family members can’t withstand the noise of drums and guitars and the garage is not available, the shed can provide the perfect space for some music and jam time. Especially if it is placed a good distance from the house, your teens can go rocking without much worry. Some sheds turned into music rooms were also lined with soundproofing walls to avoid bothering the neighbors.

  1. Game Room

Don’t want your kids to play video games in their rooms for fear that they might sneak out in the middle of the night or you just don’t have enough space inside the house for a game room. Putting up a shed as a game room can be a good alternative. It provides good space where they can have fun and you can have control on how they can get into it, which is a heaven- sent idea for parents.

  1. Home Gym

If you don’t have enough space to place your treadmill, stationary bike and other workout equipment inside the home, a shed is the spot to house them. A spacious and big enough shed will do the trick and with some little work on putting things in order, you already have your own home gym.

  1. Study and Work Area

Many people study and work well in quiet and solitude and a shed could provide just that. With a little work on the setup, placing good tables, chairs, lighting and other necessary things, you can convert an empty shed into a study and work area where you can write, read, meditate, work on some computer project, or just to relax on.

There are a thousand ways a shed can be utilized aside from using it as a storage area. With some creativity you can turn a storage shed into something more beautiful and functional.

5 Tips to selling your house fast and for a good price in California

Are you looking to sell your house fast in California? If so, then you will surely find this article very helpful. We all know that there a lot of houses being sold and bought every day, however, the problem is how we can get the most money out of our old and used home. Furthermore, the longer our house stays on the market, the lesser chance of it being sold, not to mention the expenses we incur as we keep our house for sale. If you want to speed up the process and get your house sold as soon as possible at the best price possible, then here are 5 tips that will surely be able to help you.

  1. Make your house attractive and compelling

When selling their houses, a lot of buyers just leave their house as it is – no cleaning and no upgrades, just the plain and raw look. And this is the most common reason why buyers avoid their houses. You see, if you want to sell something, you would have to make the product attractive and compelling in order to entice potential customers. You can start making your house attractive and compelling by cleaning and restoring your house to its original form and beauty. You can also do minor upgrades that will make your house different and better compared to other similar houses. Do not worry about the expenses you will incur as you can always add it to the price.

  1. Promote your house yourself

Only you, the one who has been living and experienced the house can truly testify to its living conditions. You can maximize the advantages and try to downplay its disadvantages if you do the promotion yourself. With low-cost but high-quality video cameras today, you can record a short house tour and highlight all the beauties and advantages of your house. Remember that in this generation of pictures and videos, a lot of customers can be convinced by the beautiful shots of the various spaces on your house and the compelling video you can provide.

  1. Add sweeteners to the deal

If you want to beat the competitions and get your house sold as soon as possible then adding sweeteners or bonuses to the deal might just help you with that. If you still have furniture that are in good condition like a sofa or a dining set then you can offer it as bonus items to entice the potential buyer. Kitchen appliances which are very useful to new occupants can also be used to close deals.

  1. Promote Online

Studies show that 92% of homebuyers in California search for potential houses through online sites. Thus, it would definitely be a no-brainer that you should post your pictures and videos online to reach these people faster. Social networking sites such as Facebook and Instagram can greatly increase the exposure of your house. Join online groups of home sellers and buyers and try to find potential buyers. Remember that pictures and videos are very important in promoting online as it can help convince the buyer to schedule a house visit as soon as they see compelling and attractive pictures.

  1. Set the price as negotiable

There are many sources of information about the current prices of houses in your area. You can visit a local real estate agency and ask for the standard price. You can also ask around your area for the prices of similar houses. The trick here is to know the current market price of your house, and from there, you can negotiate the best price for your house.