4 Tips to Picking the Best Movers for Your Relocation

Moving to a new home can be very exciting and equally exhausting just thinking about it. All the heaving lifting and hauling can easily drain you out of energy. This is where movers are really a blessing as they take all the burdens and stresses of moving to a new place off of your shoulders. They take care of everything from clearing out your home, transporting your belongings, and then putting all the stuff in a new place. While moving can become really easy with the right movers, settling for movers with a bad reputation can become a real-life nightmare. Imagine late service, broken stuff and experiencing delays and you will wish you have not moved at all.

Fortunately, there are reputable movers such as Chicago movers that you can trust to do the job. But how do you find them in your area? These tips will greatly help you:

  1. Do Your Research

Even if you already got some recommendations from family and friends, make sure that you do your own research of the movers you are considering. This will give you valuable information about the reputation and service of the mover, as well as their track record and performance. However, when doing your research, the companies’ websites must not be your only source. Seek out forums, business pages, a list of licensed movers, and other valuable information on license, certificates, and credentials to make sure you decide on the right one.

  1. Get Prices and Estimates then Compare

When choosing between lists of movers, the next you must to is to get a quote and compare the prices. Write down quotes and estimates on the kind of service and inclusions you need. Get as much detailed cost as possible and compare the prices to be able to set a workable budget for you. Some companies may charge higher for the same kind and quality of service that another may offer. As well, be wary of additional charges that may add up to the cost, so clear this out upon prices inquiry.

  1. Be Sure You are Insured

Typically, movers are liable and responsible for your stuff when they handle it during moving out. This is where insurance apply. However, you need to understand that different insurances offer different levels of liabilities. Make sure to ask the insurance coverage that the company offers and to what extent, terms, conditions, and exceptions so you are able to understand what you are really getting.

  1. Ask A lot Of Questions

Upon getting in touch with a company representative, ask as much question as possible on their experience, track record, staffing, and everything related to the service they are offering. Ask for credentials and licenses and other extra services they offer at a very low cost.

Being smart about your choice of a mover for your next relocation is very crucial for your ease and satisfaction. Make sure you settle for the best possible mover, on a reasonable price, with all the services you need.

3 Things You Must Know Before Buying A Pool

The scorching sun just doesn’t seem to tire, making the weather warm and ideal for a dip in the pool. So, have you made the decision to buy a pool or rather build one? There are various things for you to know and consider before splurging on a pool. You should know that getting a pool fixed in your backyard isn’t cheap; a simple setup could set you back $30,000. In the end, the cost of the pool all depends on the size, the materials used, and the bells and whistles. You need to focus on a lot of factors before buying a pool as a wrong decision on your part could lead to hefty repair bills in the long run.

One of the most important things for you to consider while building or buying a pool is deciding to choose the right company—a contractor that is reputed and goes to all lengths to ensure that you get the pool of your dreams.

David Lewis, the owner of Swan Pools in Simi Valley, California, holds certain beliefs that he has adopted from his experience in the business. He says, ¨Make sure you check out the people you’re dealing with. Go to the contractor’s board to see if they’re really licensed. And remember, the cheapest price isn’t always the best. You get what you pay for.¨

Here’s an ultimate pool guide on 3 things you must know before splurging on a pool.

  1. Consider the space of your yard

Before green-lighting the pool setup, you must ensure that there is enough space in the yard for your pool. You should take into consideration that the installation of pool in the yard decreases room for other outdoor activities. In addition to that, you should also pay close attention to that location of the pool. Will the pool get enough sunlight or will it only be treated to shadows? Will you be able to have an unobstructed view of the outdoor television while you are in the pool?

  1. Know about long-term costs

You should know that owning a pool is not a one-time payment; it will have ongoing costs. For instance, you will have to pay for the water that goes into the pool. In addition to that, you have to spend money on the pool’s maintenance, upkeep, repair and winterization if you live in a place that has a winter season. Of course, you will also be spending on pool accessories such as pool covers and toys etc. You will also have to spend money on a quality filter and pump to keep the debris out of the water and keep the chemicals mixed properly. We would recommend you to purchase a pump that boasts of a variable speed feature.

  1. Home Insurance

Will the home policy rate increase drastically after the installation of the pool? Or, will you need to install several other safety measures to ensure the policy remains intact? Hence, you must first have a discussion with your insurance carrier to identify if the installation of a pool in the yard affects your homeowner’s policy.

What to Choose as a Statement Feature for Your Living Room

If you know a thing or two about interior design, you’ll know that statement features are always in. Whether it’s a huge colored wall in your bedroom, a wallpapered wall in your dining room, or an exquisitely tiled floor in the kitchen, they’re almost a vital part of any redecorating scheme. However, statement features shouldn’t just be to do with decorating; if they were, you’d constantly be updating your paints and wallpapers. If you’re the type to change your mind a lot, you should consider using a piece of furniture or a piece of art instead. That way, you can update it more often than repainting all your rooms!


While some people might think of lighting as a having a purely function role in the home, interior designers are adamant to change that. You can use bold, eclectic shapes to bring something wonderful to your living room – just look at the design collaborations in the Moooi lighting collection. This is an especially good route if you don’t have much space, as you can get the same effect without using up any precious floorspace.


The central point of your living room is always going to be your couch. So, why not take this up a level, and buy a piece of furniture that isn’t just super comfy, but super colorful too? You don’t need to opt for anything super minimalist, edgy or alternative: a statement couch can be the definition of home comfort, it just needs to stand out. This might be the color, the fabric or style – or it might be its size.

Soft furnishing

If you’re on a tight budget, spicing your living room up with soft furnishing is a good choice. You can reinvent the room, by choosing rugs or throws to change the accents of the room. If you don’t like throws, you could look at changing the upholstery on your couch. Or, use a piece of fabric, a huge print, or a rug, and secure it to a wall. You’ll get the same effect as painting or wallpapering, but without the hassle.

Coffee table

A coffee table is always a prime choice for creating a statement. Whether you go for an antique vintage type, or a minimalist glass-infused model, you’ll add to the essence of your room, and lift it up. Plus, coffee tables come in all shapes and sizes. Choosing a large, low one will dominate the room and draw all eyes to it. However, a smaller version will give you the ability to tuck it away when it’s not needed, or bring it out when it is. Likewise, you can decorate it with coffee table books, showing off your passions and hobbies.


If you’ve got a large book collection, then why not get it out on display? Many families around the country center their living room around the television, but having a bookshelf as the focus will change the dynamics entirely. Plus, you’ll be giving visitors an insight into your life, personality, and interests.

3 Tips to Choosing the Best Garden Shed for Your Property

With garden sheds once again stealing the spotlight in home gardening trends recently, a lot of garden owners are now starting to consider putting up a shed for their precious gardens. For those are yet to build theirs, there are a few things that must be kept in mind before deciding which is the best one for you if you want to maximize it. Garden sheds are not only for landscaping décor, but they are highly functional—depending of course on some factors and the intent of the garden owner in putting up one. Garden sheds are truly a great addition to your garden but it would be greater if you gain the most of out of it by choosing the right ones for you. You can check out https://ilikesheds.com/cat/wooden-sheds/ for a selection of garden sheds you can choose from.

Here are some of the factors that have to be considered when choosing a garden shed for your property.

  1. Purpose of the Shed

As mentioned, garden sheds are highly functional. They can be used for various purposes, depending on your need. Putting up a shed for the sole purpose of decoration or landscaping is not smart so you need to think of ways to use them. Now, if you only need a place to store your gardening tools and equipment, a small shed made of simple materials can be good enough for you. However, if you will also use the shed as a workstation for your projects, you would need a bigger one that is made of stronger materials with a stronger foundation and thicker walls. You also need to consider ventilation, electrical system setup, and others. Shed sizes must also consider the area and the headroom of your shed.

  1. Materials and Roofing

For shed materials—you can either go for wood or metal or other materials depending on how you will use it or for purposes of complementing your property and your landscape design. This is basically personal preference, but it needs to be thought of carefully as you can’t just change sheds whenever you like. As well, roofing is a major consideration. Different roofing styles like Gable, sloping, or flat roof depends on factors as shed size, aesthetic design, and usage. You can opt for roofing styles that provide bigger headroom if you will use the shed as a workstation or a simple flat roof if it’s for storage purposes only.

  1. Price

Finally, it all boils down to price. You should be asking yourself how much you are willing to invest for a garden shed. For storage-only garden sheds, simple designs that are more affordable may do, but that is not the case for workstation sheds or if to be used for other purposes. However, affordability must not come before quality. Settling for half-decent sheds may only cost you more in the long run for either repair or replacement.

Being smart about choosing the best home garden shed is important to get the most of your investment and for your satisfaction. Make sure you consider all the above factors before buying one.

5 Tips to renovating your basement

Basements have always been portrayed as the dusty, cold and lonely part of the house. In movies, basements are the usual place where the frightening things happen and thanks to that, most people ignore their basements. Since it is hidden anyway, people barely take the time to clean and maintain the room. What they don’t know is that basements are meant to be used as extra living rooms or even bedrooms. Many people cannot see the real potential of a basement room. If you have the creative spark in your mind, you can turn that dusty and damp basement into a perfect man cave or recreational room. If you are planning to turn your basement into something epic then follow our simple tips that will change that scary room into a happy room. Here are our four tips to renovating your basement.

  1. Keep it dry

This is the first step towards a successful basement renovation. Most basements tend to have moisture because of leaky pipes or water coming through the foundation. You have to find that water source first. Once you find and stop the water then everything will be easier. Also try to cover up those small cracks because when it rains, it might drip and your insulation will become moldy. Once it is dry then you are ready for renovating.

  1. Soundproofing your basement

If you are planning to make your basement into a recreational room then you better sound proof it. Putting up sound insulation aside from the normal insulation will assure you that your enjoyment will not be short lived because of the noise you will be making. You will also avoid noise complaints from your family members once you and your buddies start to liven up the party atmosphere with louder music.

  1. Install a mini-bar

What better way to make your man cave complete by adding a mini bar. Mini bar is the best choice for your main attraction in your basement. It is also the best way to showcase your priced liquors with your buddies. All you need is a mini booth for the bar, some best-looking bar stools, and a little lighting and you are set to impress your pals. It will also keep your liquors safe and accounted for. For the best deals on bar stools, you can check out https://www.danetti.com/dining-furniture/bar-stools.

  1. Proper ventilation

A proper ventilation is an important factor when it comes to basement renovation. You don’t want your man cave to be damp or warm every time you stay there or be suffocated with the same air with everybody. Installing air vents is the solution to that problem. Having windows is not enough because basements are underground and you cannot always open the windows from time to time. It will also save your basement from the getting molds. A clean and fresh air will definitely keep your basement fresh and habitable to everyone.

  1. Great paint job

The paint job will determine the beauty of your renovation. If done properly, the paint job will cover the stains, dings, and dents on the walls. When choosing the color, you must stick with the lighter shades because it will make your basement cool and bright. Avoid the dark shades so that it won’t look gloomy. Also, try to harmonize the color of your furniture with the paint in the room to complete the design.