Top Plumbing Mistakes and How to Avoid Them

The best way to learn is by doing, right? For plumbing issues, however, you have to learn what not to do. That’s how first-time homeowners learn not to put potato peelings down the garbage disposal or not to leave the garden hose hooked up to the house in winter. We all make mistakes and hopefully, we all learn from them. For the professionals at Southern Air, plumbing repairs like these are par for the course.

Garbage Disposals

We’ve all done it; put too much of something down the garbage disposal. Potato peelings, melon rinds, even eggshells, if there are enough of them, can block the drain or the disposal itself. Depending on where the clog is, the repair may involve removing the trap beneath the disposal or even the disposal itself and cleaning it out. It’s smart to avoid putting fibrous foods in the disposal; these are most likely to cause a clog.

Hanging Things on Fixtures

Hang too much weight on the bathroom showerhead and it’s going to snap right off. This happens a lot when shower caddies are expected to hold full bottles of soap, shampoo, conditioner and more. Sure it’s nice to have the extra “shelves,” but your shower head is not designed to hold all that weight. Use the caddy to hold lighter objects, such as razors, bars of soap, loofahs, sponges, etc.

Toys Getting Flushed

If there are kids in the house, it’s a good bet at least one of them is going to flush a toy car, golf ball, Barbie or something worse down the toilet. All plumbers probably have a story or two about the weird objects they have fished out. You’ll have to have the toilet removed if it becomes lodged in the trap. It’s best to heed the warning not to use the plunger in this situation. You may just push the toy further into the waste and that’s when things get really messy. For the technicians at Southern Air, plumbing repairs of this type are common.

First Fill the Tank

If you are leaving for an extended trip, you may think to turn off the power and water to your water heater as a precaution against flooding or fires. If so, make sure to fill the tank completely before turning the power back on. If you don’t, you risk burning out the heating element. The same advice applies for new water heaters, too.

Building Materials

If you’ve just completed a home DIY project, you may think the sink is a good place to clean out your tools and flush away any leftover substances. It’s not. Building materials and filling pastes, even liquid compounds, can harden in your pipes and clog them completely. Donate leftover materials to Habitat for Humanity or another worthy cause. For pastes, liquids and other items with chemicals, contact your city garbage department. If they don’t take them, they should know another agency that does.

It’s almost a rite of passage for new homeowners to make these types of mistakes. When a drain cleaner just won’t do, and you need it fixed fast, call Southern Air for professional plumbing repair. For 24/7 emergencies, contact us at 318-703-3193.