Easy Ways to Pest Proof Your Home

No matter the season or your home’s size, there is always the risk of pest invasions. Whether you are worried about ants, roaches, mice, or termites, the tips below can ensure that you don’t lose another night’s sleep.

Keep Things Wiped Down
A little bit of white vinegar can go a long way in preventing pest infestations. Wipe all surfaces in your kitchen down with it to eliminate chemical trail ants and other types of pests often leave behind. While you are at it, be sure to put all food away in tightly sealed containers and sweep your floors as well.

Keep Trash Cans Covered
Trash cans can be a great source of attraction for many pests. The odors that come from them can be intoxicating to mice, raccoons, and other critters who tend to go dumpster diving. Always make sure your trash cans are securely closed at all times, regardless of whether they are empty or full. Some pests like raccoons and possums can get inside of trash cans that have lids that lift up and down. One way to keep them out is to place a couple of bricks on the top of the lids.

Inspect Every Inch of Your Home for Access Points
Often times, pests don’t need to look very hard to find a way to enter your home. Cracks, holes, and windows all make great access points for pests to invite themselves right on in. Check your home for these deficiencies and seal them up to keep your home from becoming a pest hotel. Don’t forget to look around your windows and doors for loose molding and air leaks, which can also make it easy for critters to enter.

Vacuum Regularly
You need to remove the crumbs and dirt from your floors regularly to ensure that there is nothing around for pests to use for food and nesting material. Sweep and mop your wooden and tile floors at least once a week. Your Kitchen floors should swept daily and mopped at least twice a week.

Stop All Leaks
Every creature on the planet needs water to survive, pests are no exception. Check your home for leaking pipes and faucets. You can either fix them yourself or hire a professional plumbing service to replace the necessary parts that are needed to keep them from dripping water. Make sure you turn all faucets off completely when they are not in use. Don’t forget to have your toilet fixed if it runs, because this can lead to leaks, higher water bills, and pest invasions.

Feed Your Pet in a Designated Area
You may feel tempted to let your pet eat all over the house, but that is one habit you should avoid. It is much easier and more convenient for you to have your pet eat in the kitchen where the floors are easier to clean or in a designated area. The bits of food your pet may leave behind can attract pests. No matter where your pet dines at around the home, make sure you clean up immediately after he or she is finished.
Pest proofing your home requires consistency. You should work towards keeping your home clean and clutter-free to keep it from becoming a haven for pests.

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