Cheap Ways to Make Your Room Look Expensive

We all have to live on budget; after paying for all the necessities such as food clothing, rent, etc. we are left with little money to upgrade the decor of your home. But does that mean you have to compromise with a bland decor this holiday season? Not at all! There are several cheap ways in which you can upgrade the look of your room and make it look expensive. Here are some of them.

1. Simple Styling for an Elegant Look

A cluttered and over accessorised space looks messy; clean up the clutter and introduce some items that rev up the overall ambience. Cleaning the clutter also means getting rid of golden or shiny from the place. Instead try including some silver, brushed nickel or metallic grey since they look classy and sophisticated. For instance, a cluster of silver frames look great on the chest of drawers or central piece. Retain pieces that have strong emotional ties.

2. Let Go of the Traditional Rugs and Carpets

Carpets hold dirt, absorb odours and get stained very easily. So let go of the old; instead choose vinyl flooring that look chic, easy to clean and are cheaper. Moreover, vinyl floorings are available in a variety of colours, patterns and textures, so you can introduce any colour or pattern to your room. Make your room look classy and expensive, without burning a hole in your pocket.

3. You Can Never Go Wrong with Flowers

Flowers are the best way to turn a boring space into something interesting and classy. No other type of ornamentation can do the magic that flowers can do. They bring the warmth of the nature inside the room, make it smell good and boost the overall ambience of the room. Moreover, flowers are available at cheap rates, especially the local and seasonal ones. For instance, you can quickly order flower delivery online in Melbourne or any other part in the world and get fresh and beautiful flowers delivered at your home. So you need not go out of the home or burn fuel to find the perfect item to liven up your home. Choose flowers that suit your budget and transform the space within minutes.

4. Include Some Form of Art

Another easy way to make your room expensive is to include a form of art into it. Whether it is a painting, tapestry or anything else; art can spruce up a space immediately. You can find art at the garage sales, sale at various art shops, etc.

Try out these ideas and make your room look expensive without spending too much of your hard earned money.

How to Check Your Air Conditioner Before Calling for Service

Continuous usage puts your air conditioner under stress, which means the internal parts undergo wear and tear continuously; so you can find something wrong with the air conditioner all of a sudden. It is important to call the HVAC technicians immediately but there are a few things that you can do before the technicians arrive. Having some information handy will help the technicians carry out a smooth repair process. Here are some things you need to check before the HVAC technicians arrive.

1. Check the Power Supply to Your Home

If the air conditioner has stopped working all of a sudden, the first thing you need to do is check the power supply. Technicians often complain that they arrived at the site only to find that the specific house or the entire locality had no power supply. Low voltage might also lead to problems, so be sure that there is no problem with the power supply.

2. Check the Air Filters

In order to make sure the air conditioners work with full efficiency, the air filters need to be kept clean and replaced whenever required. Clogged air filters restrict smooth air flow thus affecting the system’s performance. If you find the AC not cooling well, check the air filters first. This is not a difficult job and you can do it easily without harming the system.

3. Have a Look at the Breaker Box

Oftentimes, the load increases on the circuit which makes the circuit breaker to trip. This cuts off the power supply to the system so it stops working. So if you find the air conditioner has stopped working, check the breaker box. If the circuit breaker has tripped, reset it and switch on the AC. If it trips again then there is problem with the Ac or with the electrical circuit. In such a case call the electrician as well as the HVAC technicians immediately.

4. Check the Condensation Pump and/or A/C Drain Line

Many air conditioners are provided with a water safety switch for safety reasons. The water safety switch stops the air conditioner from working if there is water leakage that can ruin ceilings or dampen the floor. So before calling the technicians, have a look at the water in a pan under the unit. If it is filled with water, just empty it and flush out the drain; the air conditioner might start working again.

So if you have just installed air conditioning in Brisbane this summer and find some problem, perform the above tasks before calling the HVAC technicians.

Five tips on how to improve the appearance of your home

There can be several reasons why you want to improve the appearance of your home; you may feel as though you have neglected it for a while, you may just fancy a change of décor or you may be thinking about putting your property on the market. Whatever the reason, there are many ways in which you can achieve the result you are looking for.

We are going to take a look at ways in which you can improve the appearance of your home. The solutions you choose will depend on the amount of time, effort and money you want to invest in the improvements.

Add decoration and a feeling of space with mirrors

You will be amazed at just how much difference you can make by simply installing mirrors in your home. Not only do mirrors add to the interior décor of your property, they also create the illusion of additional space. This is an especially useful decoration tool to use if you live in a small property.

Think about the furnishings

You do not necessarily have to spend a vast amount of money on replacing appliances and furniture in order to improve the appearance of your home. If you do not have a large budget then it’s worth taking some time to think about the furnishings.

You can change the look of a room simply by changing door knobs, cabinet handles and light switches. You may even want to adopt a theme, such as antique. This can be fun to do as you can spend time sourcing items from yard sales and house clearances.

Brighten up your yard

If you want to improve the appearance of your home it’s important to not just concentrate on the interior. You can give your property a whole new lease of life by sprucing up the yard. You can think about doing the following:

  • Repaint the fence

  • Create a decking area

  • Plant colourful shrubs and bushes to add a splash of colour

  • Create a fish pond or water feature

It does not matter if you do not have a huge budget; even just making a few small changes can make a big difference to the visual appeal of your outside space.

Invest in exterior cladding

Cladding the exterior walls of your home does not just improve the appearance of your property. Cladding also helps to insulate your home and protects it against harsh weather conditions such as hailstones and high winds. If you are interested in cladding your home you should check out vinyl cladding prices to establish the overall cost.

Add a splash of colour with a paint brush

You do not have to decorate everywhere to improve the appearance of your home. If you want to change the décor without exerting too much effort then why not create a feature wall? All you have to do is grab a paintbrush and get to work on one wall of the room you want to freshen up. Use a bold self-colour that contrasts the other décor and you can improve the appearance relatively quickly and easily.

Hopefully we have sparked your imagination and provided you with some useful ideas about how you can improve the appearance of your home.