Top Tips from Bathroom Remodeling Contractors



Take it from expert bathroom renovation contractors, there is no one-size-fits-all project. Each home is unique and each bathroom remodel is unique to the owner.

If you’re planning a bathroom remodel for your home, consider these top tips from renovation contractors to make sure your project starts and ends well.

Cheaper Is Not Always Better

Do you like to save money? While it’s possible to save money in some areas, a bathroom remodel is not the time for extreme penny pinching.

Set your budget and pick the features that are most important to you. Understand you may pay more later if you go cheap on certain features now.

Get a High-Efficiency Toilet

Tired of low pressure, double-flushing toilets? Go for the gusto with newer models ranking 500+ for Maximum Performance testing (MaP).

Less water use and more power make the new models a natural choice for a bathroom upgrade.

Don’t Forget Storage and Workspaces

When remodeling the bathroom, now is the time to include the storage you’ve always wanted! Toothbrushes, hairdryers, soap, and towels can all have their rightful home. If you are tight on space, remember that you can go vertical and low—space above the toilet and below the sink is often wasted space. Make great use of this wasted space by creating cabinets and storage in these areas.

Let There Be Light

Don’t underestimate the power of great vanity lights in bathrooms. Vanity mirrors may be complemented with wall sconces on either side or a long fixture overhead. Don’t rely on ceiling fixtures only for bathroom lighting.

Update the Electrical

Older outlets may beoperating on lower amps making it difficult to blow dry your hair while charging an electric razor. Upgrade the amps and wiring in your bathroom during a remodel to avoid power issues.

You may also want to upgrade the electrical if you have an older home—outlets near sinks should have at least one GFCI (ground-fault circuit interrupter) installed for safety.

It May Be Time for a Bigger Water Heater

Adding a double shower or soaking tub? Don’t let yourself run out of hot water. A bigger water heater may be needed for baths or showers.

Have It All in a Master Bathroom

Splurge a little and consider fun features unique to master bathrooms:

  • Dual Sinks – gives two people workspace with plenty of elbow room. Each sink should have enough outlets, storage, mirror space, and lighting.
  • Toilet Room – a separate space in the master bathroom for privacy, often with a door.
  • Individual Shower Stall – separate from a bath area so two can clean up at the same time.
  • Double Showerheads – save time, shower together.
  • Wider Pathways – plan for bigger space to avoid squeezing by each other.

By the way, master bath upgrades are often one of the best return-on-investment upgrades you can make.

Fight Humidity with Wainscoting

Considering wallpaper in your bathroom? This is a big No-No. Wallpaper doesn’t stand a chance with bathroom humidity. Wainscoting looks classy and stands up well to moisture.

Not All Contractors Are Equal

Sure, there are a lot of great contractors out there. But don’t sign on the dotted line with just anyone.

Great contractors come with raving fans who speak highly of their work and skills. Ask for recommendations from friends and coworkers, but don’t forget to check online reviews. Go with a bathroom remodeling contractor who offers a fair price and has happy clients who can vouch for their professionalism and craftsmanship.

Even small bathroom renovations can be a big undertaking. Follow these tips and ensure you end up with a stress-free (as possible) bathroom remodel.

Why First Impressions Count When Selling a Property

If you are planning to sell your home, it’s important to understand how vital first impressions are in order to generate interest in your property. In today’s property market, more and more buyers are looking to get the most from their money and want to find a home which completely blows them away before they commit to buying it. Because of this, it’s down to you as the seller to put ample work and effort into your home in order to ensure that it leaves a good impression on everyone who views it, whether it’s in passing or as part of a booked viewing.


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Creating Curb Appeal

If you’re trying to get ready for a quick sale, creating curb appeal should be one of your top priorities. Curb appeal refers to how your property looks from the outside, and the instant impression that it leaves on potential buyers or others who view it from the curb. Often, homeowners can get so caught up in ensuring that the inside of their home leaves a good impression, that they forget about how it looks from outdoors. Paying attention to your garden, giving wooden doors and windowpanes a new coat of paint, and even washing the home’s exterior can all add to better curb appeal and leave a good first impression on buyers.

Blank Canvas

These days, what most potential home buyers are looking for is a blank canvas which they can add their own touch to, as soon as they move in. Because of this, the way you decorate your home in order to show it to viewers should be as neutral as possible. Remember that those looking to buy your home may not share your tastes in home décor, therefore using colours such as creams and whites gives them the opportunity to add their own stamp to the place and do what they’d like with the décor. Along with that, having neutral décor also allows any viewers to clearly imagine how they would decorate the home given the chance.


If you’re viewing a home and it is full of clutter, it’s not going to leave you with the best of impressions. One of the biggest mistakes that homeowners these days are making is to allow potential buyers to view their home ‘as it is’, without removing personal belongings or decluttering rooms beforehand. Although this can show a realistic version of what the home is like to live in, it’s not always the best strategy for leaving good impressions and getting a quick sale. Decluttering your home is important as not only does it leave the property looking cleaner and tidier, it’ll also free up space and make it look bigger, too. Personal belongings should be tucked away out of sight – viewers don’t want to know how you live, they want to be able to imagine themselves living there.

If you are trying to sell your home, creating good first impressions should be your top priority. No matter how great second or third impressions are, it’s always the first one that sticks.