5 Smart Ways To Make The Most Of A Small Space

Space is at a premium these days as property prices rise through the roof, making the average house buyer more savvy to little tricks that will save as much space as possible from their current property without the need for a move.

If you’re stuck for ideas to open up your small space, here are some that should keep your home clutter-free while still providing enough storage for clothes, belongings and sentimental knick-knacks that we just can’t seem to throw away.

Use mirrors and glass surfaces to bounce light around the room to give the illusion of a bigger space. If you have a sliding closet or storage space installed in the bedroom, cover the front with a full-length mirror and it will make the room look and feel double the size, with minimal cost or effort involved. Tiny hallway? Line the walls either side with a mixture of framed photos for a personal touch and mirrors of different shapes and sizes to double the width. Getting creative with quirky mirrors will also add a touch of character to your home.

Clear out under your bed. Your mum was right when she told you that you that there was nothing to fear under your bed – it’s a haven for storage space! Invest in some roller boxes that are low enough to fit under, yet can still be reached easily, to store things like shoes or handbags, or treat yourself to a divan bed base from £79 to hideaway belongings that you don’t need that often. A clever storage option to utilise a space that people often forget is there!

Look up! Draw your eyes up to make the most of the vertical space you have, rather than focusing on how small the room may seem. Hang an eye-catching print, a colourful wallhanging, or create an interesting feature wall, to draw the attention upwards and stretch out the space. Hanging a large mirror over a fireplace or mantelpiece will also help open up that space, as your eyes will instantly be attracted to the space highlighted in the reflection, as well as filling the room with extra available light.

Avoid overpowering bold patterns, as they’ll make your space seem a lot smaller and claustrophobic than it actually is. Keep to a neutral, clean colour palette that will open up your home rather than make it seem more compact, and you’ll create the feeling of space even where there isn’t any. Replacing your door panels with glass panes in living areas can also help add to the illusion, removing the feeling of physical blocks between spaces, and allowing more light to flow through.

Install made-to-measure storage so that you can be sure that your storage closets and cabinets are moulded perfectly to your space. Made-to-measure units are actually pretty affordable these days, and it saves having to squeeze furniture into awkward spaces where it will look bulky or out of place. Storage units with built-in sliding doors are most beneficial, cutting out any extra space taken up by bulky outwards opening closet doors.

10 Tips to Help You Hire the Best Professional Mover

If you need help with moving, you may struggle with where to start. The following 10 tips – or steps – may be of benefit to you.


  1. List and count all the larger items that you have at home. Things like TVs, mattresses, box springs, fridges, etc. It takes time, but it will save time and money in the long run.
  2. Take one box that you will be using for packing and see how many small items out of each room you can fit in it. This will help you to calculate how many boxes you need for each room. Write this down. Remember that some heavier items will need a box for themselves.
  3. Repeat step 1 and 2 in your garage.
  4. Repeat step 1 and 2 in your yard and garden.
  5. Go online and start looking for the best movers Alexandria VA has to offer. Check on various websites and use Google searches to find more companies. Try to end up with at least 10 companies that you want to consider and compare and review them. Ask your friends and family members whether they have any advice. Check professional registration bodies and your local transportation department to see if these companies are properly licensed. Think about how much you can pay and what you can get for that. Naturally, the more you want the company to do for you, the more you will have to pay as well. However, if you effectively only want them to move a van, you will find them to be very affordable. Think about how you will pay for the services as well.
  6. Request quotations for at least five of the companies on your list and check them out properly. Don’t be afraid to return to step 5 if you’re not happy.
  7. Label all your boxes and items using colored labels. Don’t just write on the box, as this can be confusing to see and hard to read. If at all possible, use a different color for each room. This makes it much easier to put things back in place as well.
  8. Are there any items that you are particularly worried about? If so, make sure your removal team is aware of that and they should help you put special measures in place to make sure that it is perfectly protected and safe. Feel free to make a ‘focus list’ with important items.
  9. Be nice to your moving company. Give them some refreshments and snacks – no alcohol. Make small talk during breaks.
  10. Make sure you review the service you have received afterwards. Don’t make it short like “thanks” or “great move”. Rather, explain in some detail all that was done for you and why you are happy with it. This is of great benefit to the company, but also to the next person who will move home and is looking for a moving company, just like you are now.

Get Creative with Your Window Treatments

It isn’t hard to feel a bit overwhelmed when it comes to the various styles and types of blinds that are out there. It is important, therefore, that you spend a little bit of time deciding on what your needs and preferences are before you go shopping. You also need to think about where you want your blinds to go, as you will need different materials for bedrooms, kitchens and bathrooms, for instance. You also need to consider how much control you want to have over the amount of light that comes into your room and whether you want it to have any frills like fringed edges or not.

How to Choose the Right Style

Start by learning a little bit about the options that are out there and what they mean:

  • Roller blinds are really simple. They have a single, stiffened piece of fabric that rolls up and down your window. They usually have a spring that lifts and lowers the blind.
  • Roman blinds are quite similar, but they allow the fabric to fold up on itself, creating a more luxurious look. They are usually made from heavier fabrics as well.
  • Horizontal blinds have slats that lay horizontally, usually made out of PVC, aluminum or wood. These give you greater control over the light, because you can not only open and close the blinds, but also tilt the slats when the blind is lowered.
  • Vertical blinds are the same as horizontals, only the slats run vertically. They are usually made of fabric, because of the weight, and are perfect for larger windows.

There are other types of blinds out there, but these are, by and large, your options.


Some Creative Ideas

There is no law that says you have to stick with the same type of blind throughout your house, or even throughout your room. You can, if you so choose, work with different types, different materials and different designs. Some people, for instance, will have a feature window with a patterned blind, while all the other blinds in their home are a uniform color. The sky is the limit and since there is no arguing about taste, only you can device what works for you. You may also decide to use both blinds and curtains, as curtains often give a home a cozier feel and also help with insulation.

Insulation is a pretty important factor, actually. You will be happy to know that all blinds insulate to a degree, which means they will also help you keep your home cool in summer and warm in winter. As an added benefit, you can see a reduction in your energy bills, as well as making a contribution towards protecting the environment.

Spend some time looking around for the blinds that are available. Most manufacturers are now available online, and they will be more than happy to speak to you about your blinds options. They may also be able to give you some useful design tips, in terms of what would work in your rooms.

Which Swimming Pool Type is Best For You?

If you’re currently in the market to have a new swimming pool installed in your garden or yard, then congratulations are in order. Swimming pools can add a great deal of both aesthetic and monetary value to any home along with being a great source of fun and a huge opportunity for entertainment. Having a swimming pool at your home also means that you’ll be more motivated to exercise – swimming is great for your health, and you’ll have no excuse when you have a pool on your doorstep. So, which type of swimming pool will suit you and your family best? Let’s weigh up all the various options.


Royalty free photo

Best for Customization

If you’re looking for a pool that can be customized and shaped to fit a number of specific needs, look no further than the vinyl or concrete in-ground pool options. These types of pools can be shaped in almost any way possible, making them ideal if your yard isn’t conventionally shaped or if you want your pool to be truly unique and individual. Those looking for endless customization options are better off choosing concrete in-ground or vinyl over fiberglass; although fiberglass pools are available in a range of shapes, it’s not possible to completely customize them.

Best for Low Maintenance and Good Longevity

When it comes to being long-lasting and easy to maintain, fiberglass pools take the top spot. Over the past ten years, the amount of homeowners opting for fiberglass pools has dramatically increased. This is for very good reason – these pools are designed to last as long as possible, and they require very little maintenance whilst still staying in top condition. Unlike concrete and vinyl pools, the surface of fiberglass pools is extremely easy to take care of and they rarely require any major work, even after being installed and used for many years.

Best for Kids

If you have children, you’ll want a pool that offers all the benefits along with being great and safe to play in. Generally speaking, any pool which is within the 3’-5’ depth range is ideal for play. Most above ground pools come with a uniform depth of 4’, but you can get pools that increase in depth or have a designated shallow area for safe playtime. If you are worried about safety and want to be able to let your kids play in the pool with peace of mind, the best option is to design a pool that has a designated shallow area that’s safe for children.

Best for Exercise

If you want to use your pool for exercising in, going for an oblong shape rather than a round one is ideal. Rectangular or square pools are better for exercise purposes than their rounder counterparts, as it’s easier to swim lengths in a straight line. If you want varied depth, oblong pools are also the best option.

Don’t forget to get in touch with pool care specialists to ensure that your swimming pool is properly maintained! See pool service Scottsdale for more information about services in your area.