How to Make Sure Your Wooden Blinds Stay in Perfect Condition

If you are busy redecorating, you will be looking at ways to create a refined and stylish living space. As such, real wood blinds may be something you want to consider adding to your rooms. These blinds are designed to create truly unique style that is sophisticated and refined as well. This is why they are such a popular type of window dressing. Unfortunately, real wood blinds tend to be on the more expensive. Luckily, however, faux wood blinds also exist and are sometimes even necessary, particularly if you want to install them in high moisture rooms.

If you do purchase real wood blinds, you need to learn how to look after them properly. Doing so will make sure that they can last you a lifetime. This is why you need to know the proper cleaning techniques as well.

Cleaning and Maintaining Wood Blinds

Luckily, it isn’t difficult to look after these blinds, which is another reason why people often choose them. The can quite literally last a lifetime so long as you make their cleaning part of your everyday routine. Do remember, as previously stated, that these blinds are not suitable for high moisture environments, as the wood will warp and crack.

Clearly, therefore, you should keep all water away from the blinds. Hence, when you clean them, you shouldn’t use soap and water either. Good quality wood blinds have a type of sealant applied on them to keep them in good condition. Unfortunately, people often think that this means that they can also use regular soap and water to clean the blinds. The sealant, unfortunately, is only very thin and can easily tear. Once this happens, even if there is just a tiny crack, the water can get into the wood itself, making it lose its shape. The result of this is that the blinds can be thrown away, because they not only don’t look good anymore but actually can’t be used anymore either due to their warped shape.

Instead, you need to simply use your duster vacuum cleaner attachment. Do make sure you use a soft attachment, particularly if you have a high power machine. Without the soft bristles on the end, you could end up actually breaking the individual slats on your wooden blinds. A lot of people will actually choose to use a high quality duster instead, which is guaranteed to be soft and gentle on the blinds. Once you have removed the dust, you simply need to get a clean, barely damp cloth and gently wipe the cloth across the individual slats of the blinds.

As you can see, cleaning your wooden blinds isn’t difficult. It is simply about knowing what to do and what not to do. You have to make sure that you look after your blinds properly, so that they last a long time and are actually worth the investment. Looking after your material possessions is something you are likely to already do anyway.

How to Make Sure You Pack Your Container Properly

A lot of people hire a portable storage unit if they are going through a house move or for many other reasons. However, very few people have ever truly thought about how to pack it. The tips below are designed that you get the most out of your container and that all your items are properly protected.

Always Use Base

Base, as the name suggests, is what you put as a foundation. You need it so that everything you put in the container is stabilized properly. They should be at the bottom, but also towards the back of the containers.

Section Things

Packing in sections is always a really good thing. So, you should put the largest items, like your fridge, in the center, and your dryer and washer on either sides. Once those things are in place, you can start putting boxes against the sides. Make sure that they are stacked really tightly together. See your container as a puzzle and each item you put in it is a puzzle piece. You need to put things in such a way that they simply can’t move about anymore.

Use Straps

You have to have straps and as many as possible as well. This will ensure that nothing can move around and, therefore, that nothing will break. After all, you want to open up your container and find everything still in the same position, and not all over the place. You can also use your straps to section areas of.

You actually need quite a few different straps and parts of straps, which are:

  • Strap connections. Get as many as you possibly can so that you can place things exactly where you want to place them and make sure nothing will move about.
  • Finishing strap. This is the one you need to place against the door. It will stop things, if they do fall, from falling against the door and tumbling out when you open it.

Save Cash

Once you have your boxes in place, you need to get your bed and mattress and place it against your boxes. Then strap it, so that a whole line of boxes is secured. This is a great way to save money, because you would otherwise have to use three straps instead of just one.

Get Furniture Blankets

If you want to hire portable storage, you also have to get furniture blankets. This will help you to protect all those things that could smash or get scratched. Wooden furniture, for instance, should always be protected with these blankets. It is a little bit of extra padding.

Rent or Buy

It is likely that you will rent your portable storage container. They may also allow you to rent furniture blankets. If they do, make sure you take advantage of it. While buying these blankets is not expensive, you probably won’t use them again until you go through a future move, so it is really just a waste of money.