3 hot tips to improve your living room

Some living rooms have about as much pizzazz as a deflated balloon. Their walls are grey, the telly in the corner resembles a prop from Mad Men and the settee wouldn’t look out of place on a landfill site.

But it doesn’t have to be this way – not least because your front room is arguably the most important space in your house.

It’s where you’ve taken your dates when you’re trying to seduce them; where you’ll commiserate a date gone wrong; where you’ll gather your friends for festivities; and where you’ll binge-watch seasons of Breaking Bad, lounging on the settee in your pants and chowing down on cheesy Wotsits.

So do you really want it to be a place that gives you the blues whenever you enter? The obvious answer is no – so try a few of these tips.

A divine recline

Your saggy old settees contain about as much comfort as an ancient Chinese torture device. And with every passing month you lounge on that cushioned contraption, you’re leaving yourself vulnerable to spinal injuries and increasing discomfort.

As a great alternative, try electric recliners that will adjust to your exact requirements. With the simple press of a button, you could have the comfiest sit-down of your life. And if you vie for the right company, you’ll have plenty of colour options to match your brand new living room.

Pick a few up now and replace that smelly, cushioned nightmare you’ve been withstanding.

Tons of class

We don’t all enjoy being stereotypical sophisticates. For some, the idea of smoking a pipe and reading classical literature by a crackling fire seems about as appealing as an orange juice enema.

But a touch of class in your living room can be the perfect counterpoint to your widescreen telly – and be an easy strategy to fill your home with personality.

Purchase a smart and stylish bookcase and fill it with books both old and new, from Shakespeare to Marlowe to Margaret Atwood and George RR Martin.

A finely filled bookcase isn’t just about style. A quality collection can act as a great icebreaker for conversations. And who knows – you might even enjoy what you read.

The main feature

There’s something special about having a focal point in a room. It draws the eye and makes a big, booming impression. But you’re walking a fine line with any kind of main feature in your living room. It has to be eye catching without being garish.

Create a feature wall with a distinctive pattern or colour, and focus all your energies on it. That way you’ll always have a part of your room that looks fantastic – even if the rest of it has gone to the dogs.