How To Choose A Really Good Electrician

Nowadays it is practically impossible not to need an electrician. We live in a world where the use of electricity constantly grows. Sometimes things get damaged or additions have to be made. There are so many electricians that we can choose from. Just look at the Find A Builder listings and you will be surprised to see how many exist near where you live. It is obvious that you need to choose a really good one. How do you do that? Consider the following:

Electricians Need To Be Certified And Experienced

Do not think that an electrician does not need to be certified. You should never hire anyone that cannot prove that he is certified. Licensed electricians are the only ones that have to be considered. This is due to many different reasons but the most important one is liability. In the event work is done properly, you cannot blame someone that is not certified. You can, however, go after someone that is certified and did not do a great job. Experience is obvious and both are necessary.

Worker’s Insurance

Working with electricity is not something that is easy. Besides the certification and the license, the electrician needs to be insured. This is actually a sign that the work will be done in a safe manner. The electrician cannot actually be insured in the event the work is not done properly. Also, if the job is really complicated, you never know when something wrong happens. Insurance helps you be protected.

Great Value For Money

We see many that go for the cheapest electrician. This is never a good idea. We also have some that go for the most expensive electricians. This is also a bad idea. What you should be focused on is finding the highest possible value for the money you are about to pay. This includes experience and a whole lot more. Get your quote from an electrician only when thinking about task quality, quantity and affordability.


The best electricians are always recommended by a large group of people. This is a clear signal of trust. You should never work with an electrician that does not have a large number of references. Also, do not believe what a specialist tells you. If references are offered, make sure that you talk to them to find those that may be fraud. That helps you learn more about the electrician and you can easily find out if that is the case.

Attitude And Behavior

You never do business with a person that you do not like or whose attitude you find as being offensive. You need to be offered a set of proper communication, attitude and behavior. This is also true for you. A service seeker needs to ask questions and the electrician needs to answer as fast as possible and never have bad attitude. Behavior shows us if the electrician is serious, which is something that is highly important at the end of the day.

Be patient and always consider the factors above. That will help you to locate really good electricians!

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  1. I enjoyed this post and I must say I agree with many of the points on safety, double checking the qualifications and making sure that the electrician will deliver a high quality finished project regardless of their price amount. Not only is it a safety concern to consider when choosing someone who uses low-quality products in return for a lower cost for the customer, but the customer needs to also be aware that the cost of fixing a low-quality job may be more than the original amount of the higher estimate may have been.

  2. It is difficult to trace who is the best electrician. Just take the feedback from his clients of last 2-3 projects.

  3. Great read, you make really good and compelling arguments! Safety and quality are the most important things when looking for an electrician (and for many other things). It’s not always the best solution to pay less because I’d rather pay once for a long-term solution and not worry about it anymore.

  4. My home is in need of some electrical work, so I really appreciate this information on how I can find the best electrician for the job. I like how you point out the importance of looking for someone who will give you a great value for your money. I imagine that means that it is important to look for someone who is affordable, but also someone who is worth their cost. I will be sure to look for companies that have these qualities!

  5. These are some really great points to watch for when you hire an electrician. Experience is a really great gauge, because bad electricians don’t tend to stick around for very long. And I agree that money should never be your main variable when you’re choosing an electrician, because the cheapest is often the worst. Thanks so much for writing!

  6. I never thought that an electrician needed to have workers insurance. That makes me feel a lot more comfortable to hire help. Because you never know what can go wrong. Which is especially important when working with electricity. Thanks for the tips, I’ll be sure to implement them in my tips.

  7. I agree that you should choose an electrician that is not only certified and licensed, but insured as well since working with electricity is not always easy. You also mention finding an electrician with a good attitude and professional behavior so that they give off an appearance of professionalism. I think it’s important to choose an electrician that takes the time to show you the problems with your electricity and walk you through the repair steps so that you are always informed.

  8. My husband and I think that we should get an electrician to come check out our home, so I appreciate this information on how to choose the best one. I like the tip you give of looking for someone who offers a realistic price, but gives you a great value for your money. I imagine that it would also be smart to find someone that will offer some kind of satisfaction warranty or guarantee.

  9. Finding an electrician who is recommended by others is a good idea. Asking friends and family members about their experiences with their plumbers would be helpful in finding someone who can offer quality work. Something else to think about would be to ask the plumber if they are prepared with proper tools to get the job done in one visit.

  10. Thanks for the great tips for finding an electrician. My wife and I want new outlets in the basement, so we definitely need a pro to do that for us. I’ll be sure to find someone who is recommended by multiple people I talk to, like you said.

  11. Education and Experience always important is for an electrician.If some non-experience working on home wiring then little mistake can create a big disaster.
    So, be aware of electrician work.

  12. I was planning to hire an electrician next week because the wirings of the house need to be upgraded due to some changes that we did a few weeks back. Seeing your article helped me realize that I need to research to make sure that I will be hiring the best one for the job. You said here that I should ask for references, and that after it was provided, I should give them a call one by one to make sure that they are not faking. Thanks for the tips. I’ll definitely do that.

  13. I do agree that it’s important to only hire an electrician that’s certified to make sure that they can do a great job and to ensure that you can rely on them for a quality job. My mother gave me a commercial property which I’m looking to sell. Since it’s electrical wirings are no longer up to date, I want to find a commercial electrician that can give me the confidence that they can do the job right the first time, and that I won’t have any problem with their job. Thanks for sharing all your tips on choosing an electrician.

  14. That certification is really so important. With it, you know you have someone that knows what they are doing, and that they have the experience to tackle any problems they might face. Thanks for this, I have been meaning to find a new electrician since we moved. I’ll make sure to use some of these tips!

  15. I do like that you recommend choosing an electrician with workers insurance. After all, electrical work always carries the risk of danger. Because of that, you want to make sure that the electrician can cover themselves if they are injured on the job.


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