Getting Your House Ready for Summer is Easy!

With the school year ending and the weather getting hotter every day, it is clear that summer is here to stay. This season is a favourite of many, as it is a time of year that encourages you to relax, have some fun, and take a much-needed holiday to a place that you have never been to before. And it is also a great opportunity to have some friends and family over for outdoor grilling, pool parties, and simply enjoying one another’s company on a breezy, cool evening perhaps with an outdoor fire going. But how can you prepare your home for all of this summertime fun? Continue reading for a few helpful tips.

Get a Breath of Fresh Air

After a long, cold winter that forced you to keep your windows closed, causing the air inside your home to stagnate and become even more polluted with everything from dust mites to chemicals and other indoor allergens, summer is the perfect season to open up all those windows and let some fresh air in. The best time to do this is in the morning, as the air will be cooler and cleaner, but the evening and overnight hours are also ideal for the same reasons.

This is also an ideal time of year to check all of the filters that you use throughout your home to ensure the best air quality, including your furnace filter, air conditioning filter, and air cleaner filter. Having these in working order will ensure the air in your home is free of common allergens and toxins that can lead to respiratory ailments, particularly in those who suffer with allergies or asthma.

Clean Off Screen Doors and Windows

In keeping with the idea of letting more fresh air into your home during the warmest season of the year, you should also take the proper steps to ensure all of the screens on your windows and doors are cleaned thoroughly. If there are a lot of tears and holes in these screens, have them repaired or replaced so that you do not risk a lot of bugs climbing or flying into your home when you are just trying to enjoy a cool breeze.

Go a step further and make sure you also lubricate and tighten all door closers and hinges, particularly those on wooden doors that can be adversely affected by humid weather, wet weather, and changing temperatures. Do the same for all of your window screens to keep them in the best shape.

Wash Off Your Windows

When you have guests over for summertime fun, you definitely want your home to look presentable. But instead of just focusing on keeping the interior of your home clean, from your floors to your furniture, and making sure you have great looking summer décor around, you should also take the time to wash off your windows, which have collected a lot of grime and dirt over the winter months.

Clean a window on the outside and inside. It’s best to use a gentle, non-toxic, and eco-friendly solution that is safe for your entire family, like a 50/50 mix of water and white vinegar. Let the solution sit on the glass for about 10-15 minutes so that it can really cut through all of the debris that is stuck on it. Then use a plastic bristle brush to get rid of any salt that has accumulated on the window. Finally, if necessary, you can finish up by using an eco-friendly window cleaner and a trusty squeegee to really make the glass shine and let the most light into your home.

Clean Off the Patio Furniture and Invite Guests!

Finally, before inviting guests over, take your patio furniture and accessories out of storage and give them a quick cleaning to make them look like new.

Sure, the summer season is a great time to set out flowers, get rid of those flannel sheets and down comforter and opt for lighter sheets on the bed, and incorporate brighter colours into your home. But it is also the ideal opportunity to make some much-needed repairs, do a bit of cleaning, and check the quality of the air inside your home before inviting guests to enjoy their time with you.


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