From mediaeval to masterful: property value tips

Imagine living a couple of centuries ago, when the best you could do in interior design was shove a bit of mud in a corner, or collect a few leaves and stick them in your mud. Ye Olde Llewellyn Bowen would have been promoting twig chic while the rest of us lived in monochrome misery.

Be thankful, then, to be living in the present, where your rooms can take on more aesthetic choices than an indecisive Oscar Wilde. But it means there’s a lot more pressure to make your home a stylistic gem – especially if you want to sell it.

If you want to turn your home from mediaeval hut to interior beauty, follow a few of these tips. Your property value will skyrocket in no time.

The major renovations

Windows, conservatories, doors, sunrooms – they’re not jobs for amateurs.

You might’ve tried to do these larger renovations yourself, but no doubt it went awry. Instead of toiling your way into a mess, give a company like CR Smith a call for professional and affordable service.

What can one of these renovations do for the value of your property? Well, with a conservatory you could add on an extra £10,000 to your house price – and you’ll have a cool extension to lounge in while you’re still living there.

Storage wars

Even the largest homes have trouble finding storage space. The bigger your house, the more stuff you buy to fill it, until you’re overflowing with pointless junk.

The design solution for this is simple – look up. With a little bit of DIY knowhow you can create extra cabinets and shelving in your ceiling. Or if you have extra thick walls, you might find a place or two with the depth for new wardrobes.

Potential buyers are always searching for places to put their unwanted mementos, old clothes and spare tellies – so give them it in spades.

The look of (sort of) love

While interior design itself is unlikely to raise house prices, it can raise a few eyebrows for any interested parties. But if your sole purpose is to sell your property, the right style can be a delicate balancing act.

You’ll have to create a pleasant environment without imposing your personality on it. The saleable home has effort put into it, but without the eccentricities of someone who’s lived there a long time. It’s a pristine canvas for the next owners to paint on.