Bathrooms & Their Materials

When someone sets out to re-do their bathroom, be it a small little redesign or an overall renovation, there are a number 0f competing factors. There is, of course, that most important of considerations, budget, in addition to dimensions and other technical aspects.

We all want longevity when we buy anything, as that guarantees a significant reduction of hassle and, most importantly, costs. This is because you do not have to shell out to replace this brittle sink, or radiator, or whatever else. One thing that in my experience is often overlooked is the material used to construct certain items, which is surprising as that factor can have a major, if not decisive, impact.

Here are the materials you should be looking out for to guarantee seriously long-lasting performance.

Taps & Shower Valves

For me, these units should always be cast in some material that is seriously resistant to corrosion. Best in class is solid brass, which is also extremely tough as well.

Shower Enclosures

The wise among you will already be wondering how else you can improve on a shower enclosure. Of course, it will be formed of glass, but it’s clear to see (sorry) that not all glass is created equal. Tempered safety glass should be your first stop, but always ensure that the glass is of BS6206 quality. This is an independent guarantor of quality, so you know you can trust it.

Basins & Toilets

One very simple answer here: White Vitreous China on all ceramic units. I understand that ceramics can be much of a muchness, but my experience with WVC shows it to be an unbeatably hardy, grime-resistant and bright material.


Towel radiators, vertical radiators, chrome radiators or even your electric radiator, they all should benefit from the myriad and germane qualities of low carbon steel. Strong, amenable to welding and impressively impervious to rust and other damaging corrosives, these heating units will stand you in far better stead than inferior metals.


Touch Wood

As we’ve gotten to know each other a little over the past few months, I’m going to be honest with you, come clean, and throw myself at your mercy. So, my confession: I am a little bit obsessed with shower heads. It’s not as bad as hard drugs or anything like that, I’ll allow, but it’s just a good job my writing requires me to be interested in such things otherwise I could be seen as something of a bore.

Basically, I feel the smallest item can make or break a room, and thus they deserve serious attention. This is something that I tend to bash people over the head with, as it has become a bit of a shibboleth to me. I am a real advocate of taking time over choosing things like taps and shower heads for this reason, hence this article.

Now, I usually recommend solid metal shower heads, though my research has thrown up something I didn’t think existed: a wooden shower head.

It’s something of a shock as you wouldn’t think wood would do all that well in such a humid environment. With the right varnish and fitting though, it is clear this would flourish. It looks brilliant too, I’m sure you’d agree, though finding wooden hand held shower heads might prove a bit more difficult. I had a little scope around for matching wooden bathroom items too, such as heated towel radiators, but I had no joy!

I think this head would be brilliant for a modern bathroom, but would equally go in a more classical design due to the wood look. A head for all seasons, then!