My Designer Bathroom Items

I’ll confess to being rather picky when it comes to, well, most things. I’m not sure if this comes from an innate character flaw (quality?!) that means I am extremely careful over choosing things, whether it be my morning flat white or which laptop to buy.

This pernickety approach to life means decorating my home is a serious trial, if not for me, definitely for my wife. She has quickly grown used to ignoring me as I roam across the internet in the early hours, hair stuck up, eyes wide, looking for the perfect bath shape or shade of tile. I know, it’s pretty much an affliction.

I want to help those of you who prefer heuristics to plain old toil, and have outlined below a few things that adorn my designer bathroom that I can heartily recommend.

Wenge Furniture

Wenge is a wonderfully dark wood, also known as African Rosewood in some places. Its distinctively dark hue works well against the general light colouring of my bathroom, acting as a counterpoint. Of course, I’m not just about cool looks, as my wenge vanity and linen cabinet both help store out of side the assorted bathroom items that can cause clutter.

Vertical Radiators

As winter has abruptly arrived I’ve come to love this item more than most. I went for stylish designer radiators, in this case two vertical radiators, both finished in anthracite. This grey complements by furniture, and these two units ensure that I do not succumb to either hypothermia or pneumonia when I exit the shower of a morning. For this, they deserve the highest praise.

Rainfall Shower Head

I decided early on that, despite the good quality of plastic shower heads, I was always going to be shopping in the solid metal shower heads aisle. This isn’t snobbery or anything, I just knew that my rainfall shower head would seem sturdier if it was metal – plus, it would match up with my brass and chrome thermostatic valve. It is reassuringly heavy, and its thick, slow flow is most relaxing.