Cladding; the New Way to Decorate

When decorating, whether it’s a complete transformation or just a fresh lick of paint, there is always that feeling of irritation when you realise that you’ll have to replace those tiles or wallpaper. The thought of doing all that work can be so unappealing that in the end you keep those unattractive nuisances, and the vision you had of a revamped modern, stylish room seems like distance dream. That is until the Décor Cladding Centre created a new material for decorating that will transform any room into your ideal haven.

Cladding is the new and modern style of internal decorating; the wide range of panels is guaranteed to give your room elegance – all in a beautifully stunning, stylish and practical. Whether it’s one room or various rooms, these panels can be used all over the house because they’re hygienic, low maintenance and very easy to clean. They also have a tongue and groove installation system so even the most in-experienced DIY novices can install them, cutting the costs of hiring specialist.

This new way of decorating has completely revolutionised the way people are going about transforming their kitchens and bathrooms. Those suborn tiles and hideous wallpaper you dread even starting to remove can be simply fixed with cladding. Bathroom cladding has become very popular recently. Without even removing any tiles these unique panels go over the top of old surfaces both simply and effectively, and with no mess for you to worry about.

If you’re a new home owner or want to modernise your home you can even purchase panels made for ceilings, to cover those Artex patterns. With cladding being a cheaper option compared to buying tiles, wallpaper or paint, whenever you have the urge to decorate again simply pull the panels off and start again. There are a wide range of panels, in various textures and patterns to choose from, so you are bound to find the perfect colour and style to suit your taste.