Santa Barbara style

I didn’t know that even Santa Barbara has it’s own distinctive decorative style. The place is of course famous for every wine enthusiast because of  it’s good quality wine production and large valleys with never ending rows of grape trees. I think the movie ”Sideways” made the place famous for the rest of the world.

But referring to an article in Remodelista, Santa Barbara also has it’s own design look which at least can be seen in local kitchens. That unique style means lots of pots and pans, bottles and glasses and an overhelming use of color beige.

Link to the article on Remodelista

The Normal Room -picture below is from user kerouac featuring an insider look to a fridge situated in Buellton (in the heart of the wine making valleys near Santa Barbara). Does this look like a fridge Miles (Paul Giamatti) could have?


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