Finance&Commerce magazine wrote few days ago that the existing home prices in US rose in June 2010 for a third straight month. Sounds good for the Americans, but don’t you there celebrate yet. The same article stated that housing markets across US are expected to resume their decline.

The article also listed the top three cities where home prices rose the most. And the cities were San Francisco, San Diego and Minneapolis.

I don’t know much about the US. I’ve never been there, and I’ve propably known less than ten US citizens in my whole life. My understanding of the country is based on television and films, and there’s something here that I don’t understand.

I assume that home prices are a sign of how desirable an area is to people. San Francisco I understand, all that cultural vibe and freedom and the nice bridge and that funny street that looks like a serpentine going on top of that hill – I’ve seen a lot of car chases on that street. San Diego is not surprising either for an average television viewer. I’ve heard that SD has a great Californian weather without all the LA problems. But Minneapolis? What’s that all about? Are people already moving north anticipating the global warming?

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