Themed Home Theaters

Written by James Helliwell

Many families have looked into building home theaters as a great way to provide the ultimate television and movie watching experience for the family and for when guests come over. Move theater style seats, huge projection screens or televisions, and top of the line sound systems are all purchased in an attempt to get a great home theater. However, for people who want to go above and beyond in their home theater, there are themed home theaters. Themed home theaters are a great way for people to really set their home theater above the rest, and provide a truly impressive home theater experience.

There are several ways to go about creating a themed home theater. First, you must decide on a theme. There are many potential themes available. When selecting one, consider who you’ll be sharing your home theater seating with, and what type of things will be viewed most. For example, if you typically use your home theater for sporting events and have your friends over to watch the game, consider having a sports themed home theater. You could deck out the entire room including the seats with logos from your favorite team or teams, so the entire room is a complete dedication and representation that you’re a huge fan. This is a great way to truly enjoy a game, as you’re surrounded with support for your favorite team. Another option is to make the home theater resemble a sporting venue. For example, you could paint the walls in murals to resemble a baseball field or football stadium. You could also arrange for custom theater seats to be more like seats at a sporting event. This would really enhance the experience of watching a game, as it would seem like you’re actually at the event.

If your home theater is typically going to be used by your kids and their friends, you’ll likely want a theme aimed at younger children. Consider having characters from their favorite movie or TV show all over the room. Another option is to have several characters from different shows. This helps the kids feel like they’re completely surrounded by the show or movie, with characters and items from movies surrounding them.

You can also do a theme that’s completely unrelated to movies or television, but that helps enhance the home theater experience in general. For example, having a beach or tropical theme can be a great way to help your home theater ”take you away”. The walls could be painted to look like a beach, and decorations could be beach themed to add to the room. This way, no matter what you happen to be watching, you’ll always feel like you’re on vacation. If you don’t like the beach, you can do the same thing with a mountain view, a forest, or any other type of location that you enjoy and would like to spend more time in.

No matter what theme you decide on, you can be sure that having a theme is a great way to make your home theater even better, and set it apart from everyone else’s. Having a themed home theater ensures that you will truly enjoy your entertainment experience, and every time you use your home theater, it will be absolutely incredible.