Fresh water and poo shouldn’t mix

I went to the local aquarium the other day. Among the fishes and corals they had a big tank with a toilet seat standing in the middle, big dull looking fishes swimming around it. A sign next to the tank said that the capacity of the tank was 30 000 litres, equal to the amout of water a two-person household uses every year flushing toilet. People are using fresh water to dispose human waste. That’s a a lot, especially in this world of climate change and warming temperatures. Soon fresh water will be a scarcity – it already is in some areas.

A long time ago a solution was posted on Normal Room. The image showed a combined toilet/sink. The water used in washing hands went straight to the toilet’s water container, and was then used to flush the toilet. Excellent – no problem flushing the turdies with dirty water! The photo was posted from Japan, so I assume that it’s a japanese invention. That naturally doesn’t surprise anyone, I believe. That kinda combination is also a great way to save precious space in bathrooms.

A toilet seat in Hiratsuka, Kanagawa, Japan

Interior design (or no-design) is the new rock’n’roll?


I believe it was Johnny Rotten who once said that the purpose of rock’n’roll is to deepen the generation gap. It’s not like it use to be anymore. Rock’n’roll doesn’t shock anyone. Middle aged people don’t even get shocked by death metal, or violent gangsta rap. The ones who are now in their sixties grew up with the Stones and Led Zeppelin. They’ve seen it all, the holy trinity of sex, drugs and rock’n’roll. There’s nothing so disturbing that could be used as a tool to voice generations frustration and anger. Except one thing – actual filth and dirt. Even though todays parents in their youth have spent their friday evenings hanging out in sleezy clubs listening to noise and thumping and consuming all kinds of illegal and legal products, they still want to keep their homes nice and tidy. A home needs to be in order. But look at the photo below. This decoration definitely is repulsive to the older ones! This is today’s punk and grunge and whatever. Pure rebellion. You over 40, admit it, you don’t want this to be your home? Just an idea of it makes you feel sick, Just like Johnny Rotten screaming ”God save the Queen, she ain’t no human being” made your parents feel ill.

A living room!